So, who am I? I’ve grown up in Bergen, a city in western Norway, but does now live in Eidsvoll, in eastern Norway. Partly because I’ve worked at Finsbråten since 2001.

I’m also a member of the political party named Venstre. Something I’ve been since the year of 1999. I think it’s very important that the government appear as a serious and solid employer. And that ideological principles shouldn’t stand in the way for good and sensible solutions. In addition to this, I think that it makes a lot more sense to give economical rewards, and subsidies, for choosing environmentally good solutions. Rather than punish private individuals, for choosing differently. Apart from that, there’s no doubt that densified buildings are a lot more environment-friendly, as the inhabitants then is more likely to use pedestrian methods for transportation, when everyday tasks are due to be done.


BergengammeltThe recent years, I’ve found the history of the city of Bergen very interesting. Possibly mainly because of my interest for the marching bands-fenomenon called buekorps, and their history. 3 kids, for whom I’m uncle, has been active members of Løvstakkens Jægerkorps, for the last few seasons. It’s amazing to observe how much city-history there is to read between the lines of the history of these marching bands. For instance, when it was possible for the band called Mathismarkens Bataljon to gather 500 boys in the year of 1914, when both Mulens Bataljon and Ladegaardens Bataljon was large bands in the same part of the city. This says a lot about how dense the population of the city’s «labour-areas» was, at that time.

I also find the gnosticism very interesting to read about. And then especially the Sethian Christian gnosticism. It’s quite likely to appear some posts about this subject on my blog, from time to time.

Another interest of mine, is the operating system called Linux. At the moment I’m using Manjaro Linux, And has also been contributing to the project, by translations of their configuration software, into norwegian. (Among others, the installation program, Calamares.)