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Euro Truck Simulation 2

Inn for omlastingI wanted to write some lines about one of my favourite games at the moment, called Euro Truck Simulation 2. I’m running the game under Wine, which is a library for running Windows-software under Linux. It would also be an alternative to run the game in Steam, both if you wish to run the game under Windows, Linux or Mac OSX.

Smal landeveiRegnThese pictures, which I’ve «stolen» from my brother, shows the excellent in-game graphics. Which is actually quite impressive. But the downside to this, naturally, it’s rather heavy on the hardware.

It’s advised to using a steering wheel for controlling the game, as it’s pretty difficult to steer with the keyboard. But it’s quite possible, though. But in the start, you’ll probably bumps into other cars, walls and other obstacles, on your way. Fortunately you’re able to repair your truck at garages. But not your load. So you’re likely to meet some serious economical difficulties, if you’re not careful.

I NorgeThe game is also well-balanced between realism and arcade-ism. For instance it takes about half an hour to drive between Bergen and Oslo, which is a trip of 8 hours in real life. But it’s extensive enough, to give the player a sense of actually been driving the distance.

I EnglandYou’ll also have to fill your tank with diesel, every now and then. And you’re forced to have a good nights sleep, once every day/night. The weather engine of the game is also quite good, and have a very realistic impact on your visibility.

With other word: An excellent game, that I’ll encourage everyone who’s into realistic simulation games, to try out, and maybe purchase. If you have other experience, or even if you agree, it’ll be great to see your comment below.

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